All the prices quoted in this website are net prices per person. These are in American dollars (USD $), and include taxes. Please note that these prices are subject to changes without previous notification.

Minimum required

The minimun required for for any of our tours is 2 people or 1 person paying for 2 

Reservations, deposits and final payments.
It is recommended preferably to make reservations in advance, especially for the time of more tourist affluence (November to May and in July). Having been approved the package by the beneficiary the reservations will be carried out, with a previews down payment of 50% of the total cost. The cancellation of the remaining 50 % will be made a few days days before the specified date of arrival or the day off the tour by cash. If the customers do not show the day of the tour then Best Tours Costa Rica will not refund the 50% downpayment.

In all the cases, the confirmation of the package will be subject to readiness of the services required in the moment that is carried out the total payment of the package. The payments can be made by Paypal.

Cancellations, changes and refunds.
The cancellation applications or changes should be presented in writing to our e-mail:
A 100% is charged to the cancellations made within 24 hours.
Refunds are not applicable once initiated the trip, as well as not used portions of the package.

We do our tours in the sun and rain!

Costa Rica has two seasons, dry and rainy. we recommend to pack rain pochos to protect yourselves  and your electronic devices, especially in the rainy season. If the climatic conditions are dangerous according to our providers and our expertise then we will reschedule the activities or refund 100%